Clam Harbour - Eastern Shore Families Series

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The Eastern Shore Families series of publications are the result of decades of research by Robert Kim Stevens. Mr. Stevens has made it his life’s hobby to research and assemble genealogies of families living along the Eastern Shore prior to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Clam Harbour area includes the localities of Clam Bay, Clam Harbour, Little Harbour, Southwest Cove, Owls Head Harbour, Debaies Cove, Lake Charlotte and Upper Lakeville

Families included in this volume are: Blaxland, Craig, Davis, Day, DeBaie, Dobbins, Drake, Eldershaw, Harvey, Homans, Hutt, Lane, Laybolt, Levy, Lewis, MacKintosh, May, McCann, McDonald, McKay, Murphy, Osborne, Palmer, Parker, Reardon, Richardson, Robson, Rupert, Russell, Scanlon, Shaw, Sherlock, Shubley, Skinner, Stafford, Step, Stevens, Stoddard, Thomas and Webber

Indexed: Yes
Page Count: 333 pages
Format: Soft Cover, Coil Binding (Also available as Digital Download)

A Note about the Eastern Shore Families Series:
Volumes in the Eastern Shore Families series are published in two formats. Some are completed volumes, with a village history and an all-name genealogical index. Others are genealogical notes, containing fully structured and edited genealogies, but may not have a village history or an index.

There are 14 volumes in total, each connected to a geographic area comprised of several communities.