Musique Royale Concert - Saturday, September 17

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We are very excited to announce that we will once again host a Musique Royale Concert in the historic Clam Harbour Church here at Memory Lane Heritage Village. 

Show Times (1 Hour Concert)

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First Performance - 4pm (doors open at 3pm)
Second Performance - 6pm (doors open at 5pm)

We have decided to offer two concert times this year to ensure concert-goers are comfortable attending this event. This will mean only 40 people at a time in the building rather than 75 people all at once, making distancing between attendees much easier.

Seating Accommodations

If you would like to reserve a specific seat please purchase your ticket online and call us at 902-845-1937 to make seating arrangements. You can find the seating chart at the bottom of the event listing page.


Please note we will not be offering a dinner with this year's concert.

(photo credit: Gord Lehmann)