Clam Harbour Clam Digging Adventure

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2021 Excursions are now finished for the season. Please check back in the spring for 2022 dates.

The salty sea invites you to harvest its bounty on our Clam Harbour Clam Digging Adventure. It’s the perfect “coastal distancing” activity to add to your summer plans!

Your clam digging adventure begins at Memory Lane Heritage Village, where you will be introduced to the heritage of clam digging on the Eastern Shore. Next, you will meet your guide, Darcy Baker, a fourth generation clam digger. Darcy will guide you to the mud flats of Clam Harbour where he will show you how to use a clam fork to dig white, soft-shelled clams. Learn about the clams and their habitat, techniques for harvesting and how this industry has changed over the years.

Once you have finished "clamming", return to the Heritage Village to enjoy a "feed" of steamed clams in the comfort of the Cookhouse, along with a traditional meal of baked beans, soup, brown bread and gingerbread for dessert.

Your adventure includes a self-guided tour of Memory Lane Heritage Village and a chance to see the harvesting tools used during the 1940s, when clam factories were an important part of the local economy.

Please Note: Excursion dates with late afternoon low tides will reverse the order of activities to start with the meal at the Village and end with digging on the clam flats.

Be prepared to get wet and bring water shoes or rubber boots and a change of socks (footwear can be provided with advanced notice, if needed).

Package Includes:

  • Custom guided clam digging excursion
  • Clam digging tools provided
  • Heritage lunch with steamed clams in the Cookhouse
  • Heritage Village Admission
  • Copy of Visitor Guide and a "surprise takeaway"

Duration: approx. 3 hours
Minimum Group Size: 2 adults

Group Pricing (HST Included):

  • 2 adults: $250 ($125 per person)
  • 3 - 4 adults: $95 per person
  • 5 or more adults: $80 per person
  • Children 12 and under: $45 per person
  • Family (2 adults and 2 children up to 18 years): $285

This listing is for your booking deposit. The balance owing will be settled upon arrival at the Heritage Village.

Invite some friends and everyone wins!
Multiple groups may book the same excursion time which could reduce your balance owing upon check-in. Please inform us of additional participants within your group at least 24 hours in advance of excursion time.

Booking dates and times are pre-scheduled to correspond with low tides.

Excursion times posted are not firm due to the changing tides which can be affected by local wind and offshore storm conditions. Exact times will be confirmed close to the excursion date or upon booking.

Memory Lane Heritage Village Package Cancellation Policy

All packages must have a deposit paid in advance via the online Gift Shop or by credit card over the phone. Bookings will not be confirmed until deposit has been received.
All packages may be cancelled up to 48 hours before the package date subject to a 15% administration fee plus any costs that have already been accrued.
All packages cancelled less than 48 hours before the booking date check-in will not be refunded.
Excursions cancelled by the Guide due to weather will be refunded in full.