The Place, by Robert Milton Ritcey

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Life on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia in the 1920s –1930s

"Written by a gifted observer and storyteller, The Place is a vivid autobiographical journey back into childhood days spent roaming the neighbourhood of Nova Scotia's renowned Martinique Beach (Lower East Petpeswick) during the Depression and the lead-up to the Second WorldWar. In a big way, this is the tale that we all wish that our parents or grandparents had taken the time to jot down. Indeed, for many of us, it is the story of our ancestors. Read it and you'll love those folks all the more, regardless of their background. Prepare to yearn for your own exploratory trip up the peaceful coast that lies east of Halifax."
Mike Sanders, Senior Archaeologist,
Cultural Resource Management Group

"Robert Ritcey’s memoir of his boyhood in the 1920s and 1930s is brimming with evocative details of everyday life in the coastal village of East Petpeswick, on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. Ritcey invites us back to a rural world of small-scale fishing, farming, and logging, of wooden boats and ox-drawn sleds, of one-room schools and party-line telephones. He lovingly describes the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and textures of his childhood landscape and recalls the hard work and ingenuity of the people who made a modest, independent living on this seabound coast. The Place is a charming portrait of a time now passing out of living memory."
Sara Spike, PhD, Cultural Historian

Page Count: 74 pages
Format: Soft Cover
Published by the Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society, 2016